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The Creation of a Non-Profit Organization

We answer the client's questions on what type of entity they are creating (public charity vs private foundation), how to set up the entity legally, how to set up the board and much more.  We have resources to help in all the aspects for the creation of the entity.

Non-Profit/Charity Creation:  Are there related non-profits out there?  How to set up the best foundation possible!  etc

Organizational Leadership:  How to source and create the best foundation board posible!

Charity and Non-Profit Management:   How to source and hire the best management team for the entity!

Fundraising:  What are the best fundraising methods possible!  We have our own manufacturing partners ready to talk to.

Grant Making:  How to create grant proposals!  How to find the best resources for grants!

Communications:  The best in public relations and social media practices!  How to hire the most experienced PR group or team!

Marketing:  How to market the foundation/charity to the public:  Television, Social Media, PR and more!

Examples of New Programs (2014 launch):

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Being created as a resource for groups and companies needing help in finding the best charities to support.  The details include charity rankings, their main beneficiaries and their contacts.  We are also including information on ideal work-based charity ideas (ex Cut The Clutter).

Being created to help spread the message about road safety between automobiles and runners and cyclists.  There are too many people getting killed on the road with this subject.  As a new partner to runner and cyclist organizations this will be an ideal partnering site. is being created with partners from the pet products industries to help create pet parks in cities and communities throughout America and Canada.  

We will be creating campaigns (pet product promotions, etc) to help cities fund the creation of pet parks.

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TV Programming

We can create the ideal TV commercial campaign for your non-profit.  Our partners have been in TV production for over thirty years with TV shows (ex Planet X, Triliogy) and TV commercials.  We can create short-form and long-form TV commercials for our clients.


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Product Development

We are specialists in the creation of consumer products (food, non-food).  Our backgrounds include having careers at large CPG companies such as Nestle, Coca Cola and Mattel.  The team has a long history with product creation and marketing. 

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Human Causes

The team is available to create non-profit programs relating to health, life style, religion and many other subjects.  

We have been involved in a number of programs relating to the subjects of health and wellness.  We have direct links to the retailers and consumer product companies.


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Animal Causes

With our partners the Pet Retail Group (experts in marketing and sales of pet products) and Planet X, we are creating programs ideal for pet causes.  One of the latest projects includes a marketing and sourcing site for the Zoos and Aqariums in North America.